What’s a Laboratory project? ( Management tips for Molecules and Cells lovers)


What’s a Laboratory project? ( Management tips for Molecules and Cells lovers)

The advantage of knowing how to determine what a laboratory project is versus other types of activities is to be able to work within a clear framework and apply clear management rules and procedures to guarantee the success of your project.

A laboratory project is an effort defined in time in order to create a product, service or result unique in relation to the activity of the laboratories.

It could be a turnkey construction project, a remodeling of an existing laboratory, an equipment installation, an automation or a simple change in a part of the analysis processes.

Here, I am insisting on the importance of time limitation, you can’t run a project forever and if you do it, either you are a politician or it’s not anymore a project.

.1 Temporary

Each project has a start date and a termination date. The duration of a project cannot be indefinite. The projects are not a series of continuous efforts, the analysis of samples, for example, does not project since they are repetitive while the installation of a team could be considered a project because it has an end.

I am preparing the morning coffee every weekend for my wife and this is considered the operation.

.2 Unique products, services or results

A project creates defined and unique deliverables. Deliverable because you have to formally deliver the products once created.

The products can be:

A product or article produced.
A provision of service,
A result.

It is important to emphasize that there can be no ambiguity about the evaluation of the results of a project, it should be possible to measure in an impartial and clear manner, the evolution of a project and its degree of realization.

If you are fundraising for a research project, you can count anytime how many dollars you get and when.

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